Updated June 30, 2021

Latest Relatrace version release notes | 6/30/2021


Relatrace 2.4 update

  • User table frontend has been redesigned to be more user friendly
  • Filter by group to find users that are supervisors, editors, managers, etc.
  • Search for a specific first name, last name, email, or employee ID to quickly find a specific user
  • By default only Enabled users are displayed. You can now filter between Enabled, Disabled, and All users in the table
  • Confirmation has been added before enabling/disabling a user to prevent accidental changes
  • Email is sent to "Admins" when a new user signs up so you know when you need to approve their access
  • You can also disable these new user notifications in the notifications section of your inbox (as an Admin)
  • [BUGFIX] Settings page cleaned up to remove unnecessary extra information
  • Two new fields added to training records to allow a requester to indicate 1) if the training is during their normal shift and 2) if they would be willing to flex or adjust their work schedule to engage in the training
  • [BUGFIX] Training analytics page fiscal year wasn't updating properly to match the current year, it does now