Back side of a SWAT officer's uniform at an outdoor range

Law enforcement agencies leverage Relatrace to track requests, records, and budgets.

  • Allow officers to request training courses
  • Keep an armorer's log of all department gear
  • Ensure officers receive and review new policy and procedure documents as quickly as they are available

Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue agencies use Relatrace to save time on equipment audits and ensure their employees are up-to-date on training.

  • Assign training department-wide in a few easy clicks
  • Keep a detailed log with a history of upgrades and replacements for all department gear
  • Disseminate new procedures to the entire department in seconds
Firefighter in full gear

Private Sector

Scout leader's hat

Businesses and organizations can leverage Relatrace to track their inventory, manage requests and records for their mandatory or professional development and certifications, and host their employee or compliance policy in one place in the cloud. Relatrace can be ready in minutes to support startups to large enterprise teams with no maintenance or setup necessary.